Creating an ideal customer profile for your B2B SaaS or tech business

Marketing and sales efforts become burdensome, lengthy, and inefficient without an accurate and up-to-date list of prospects. The Execution Hub combines lead generation, consultative sessions with research analysts, a combination of internal and external data, and a pay-for-use model.
Insight Intelligence

Insight Intelligence

Our customized sales intelligence reports gives exact information to reach not only specific customers but specific departments within companies.

Technology Tracking

Technology Tracking

With market research methodology, we profile target accounts based on their technology stack. This data allows you to know who you're up against and stay competitive.

Count of users assigned

Count of users assigned

Getting to the root of how consumers feel about your brand, your competitors and even themselves. With this we inform everything from tone of voice, format and style to the message itself.

Leverage ready accounts of validated B2B prospects

Analysis at every level

Analysis at every level

Surveys, webinars, and direct interaction with key decision-makers are all part of our sales intelligence process, which includes comprehensive analysis at every level.

Gather apt information

Gather apt information

Along with offering email list building services and custom list building services, we gather information from a variety of sources, including primary research, secondary information, web sources, and our own original research.

Save time and money

Save time and money

A preventative approach to save your business both time and money. We help you scrub existing databases, replace incorrect contacts, update contact information, validate targets, and ensure a relevant and verified sales asset.

How It Works

We combine internet browsing and search data with individual subscriber leads, campaign participation, and reported sales data. We also give the account a score based on their unique subscriber domain.

Identify Best Customers

Our sales intelligence reports will give you the exact information to reach not only specific customers but specific departments within companies.

Data Categorization

We determine whether your data is consistent and formatted correctly. We focus on data quality as data needs to be processed for formatting and standardization, and then properly integrated with existing data.

Create Account Profiles

We combine our preliminary discoveries and share them with our internal teams, who use them to search the online database and create raw profiles for individual accounts, complete with firm name, contact name, title, address, phone number, and direct email address.

Account Profile Updation

We help you scrub existing databases, replace incorrect contacts, update contact information. This paves the way for sales teams to maximize prospecting efficiency.

Did You Know?

56% of companies have developed higher quality leads using account profiling


Improved Market Penetration


Savings in Marketing Cost


Improved Customer Acquisition rate


Increased Sales Opportunities

Why Choose Our Account Profiling Services?

While offering account profiling services, we take a complete approach by learning about the client's target markets and products that they plan to push through the accounts profiled.
  • High Productivity

  • Assist your talented resources from not pursuing the wrong prospects

  • Amplify sales and marketing campaigns

  • Shorten sales cycle

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